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Are you searching for an online grade calculator with the help of which you can effortlessly analyze your grade points? If yes, then you have seemed to the correct site. We will be providing the key to you with our online easy grader for grade cunning.

The tool is intended in such a way that it makes the lives of both the tutors and the pupils easy and humble. It provides you the suppleness to easily compute your grades as well as control your overall grading scales.

Our easy-to-use grader calculator lets you calculate biased grades. It allows you to calculate for the letter and fraction grades. You will get the results in percentages and letters. There are a few benefits of using a grading calculator.

Such as it permits you to regulate the complete grade in a progression. As well as it also lets you know what grade, you need to get to earn your ideal final grade. It is helpful to know how to analyze your grades in a course to know what you need to attain in your final exam to obtain your wanted course grade and to advance your overall grade.

Tutors can get an advantage from this overwhelming tool. This grading calculator allows them to calculate grades easily in less time. They do not need to do a big propel about handling, controlling, or computing the grades. They can easily do this by our easy grader tool in a simpler way.

Astounding Features

There are some of the astounding features that this tool has. Let’s see what are some of these.

1.     Compliantly to Calculate

As deliberated earlier the rudimentary purpose of emerging and scheming this tool is to provide litheness to its users at a great. With this grade calculator, you can do this in no time. You can easily calculate your marks and percentage as well. All you need to do is just enter your scores obtained, and it will do the rest of the work for you.

This is all you need as it tells you the result together with this it will also able you to know what score you need further. If you want to increase your marks in your final grade results. So, all in all, this grader tool is one of the great selections for you.

2.     Friendly and Attractive User Interface (UI)

When talking about its user interface that is the UI. It is quite easy to use and attractive. The users can easily get familiar with it. It has a clean and simple style that attracts most of the users. Because of this approachable user interface, the users find it easy to calculate the grade.

While designing this interface we have kept in mind that it should be eye-catchy and pleasing to its users. As well as it should purpose well.

3.     Grade Colors

Another wonderful feature easy grader has is the score colors. This color grade attribute provides an ease to the user to see their grade scale visually separated by colors. This is considered to be a wonderful feature.

As it lets the user of the tool to easily distinguish between the grades rather than looking at the real grades and finding them. The colors make it much easier to identify.

4.     Pricing  

Now, most of the users are speculating about the cost. You will be happy to know that it is free of cost. This is measured to be one of the surprising characteristics of this tool has for its users. This tool is completely free of the price so that more and more people can get an advantage from this.

This free of cost feature makes it more good-looking. And collected more people’s courtesy.

5.     Informal to Use

Easy grader also provides another benefit to you i.e. it is easy and informal to use. If a tool or an app provides easy admittance to its users and has an easy interface. Then it is likely to be acknowledged by more people in less time. This tool provides its users an easy to use a border.

That is the motive it is considered to be one of the best tools to use. Also, it is then liked and loved by many of its users.

6.     Updated Version

Another great feature of the easy grader tool is that you will have the latest version. Besides that, you can update the grade calculator app to have better performance. You will also have the freedom to use the easy grader scale tool to get its advantages. Also, the EZ grader aims to provide ease to its users.

Besides, it is important to update the EZ grader if you have an old version for more efficient results.

7.    Support for Teachers and Students

The EZ grader’s credibility is enhanced because it provides many benefits to the teachers and students. All the users of Easy grader are satisfied with their results. You will have an online chat tool to calculate the results of several students in fewer time frames.

8.    You Can Easily Contact EZ Grader

So if you are devouring any trouble using the easy grade calculate app, contact its page. After that, you have to fill the EZ grader’s credentials to have the support of their representatives. Enter your name, email address, and your query. This grader calculator will accept all the suggestions.


This article has clarified in detail the easy online easy grader online free tool to compute the marks online. Suppose you are a teacher and are looking for an easy and effective way to calculate your students’ grade points in no time. Then this easy grader tool is an abundant way for you to do it quickly.

It has some of the amazing characteristics that make you a true believer in it. Some of the key features of easy grader are pricing, ease of use, attractive interface, and many others. All are discussed in detail above.

The way it works is also quite simple. You can get familiar with this tool in no time. All in all, this is the quick grader tool you need to calculate and scale your grade points accurately.

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