What Is The Best Way To Grade Students? – Innovative Ways

September 23, 2021 by Heema

Are you searching, what is the best way to grade students? In our guide, we’ll tell you some innovative techniques for grading students’ work and guide you on how to grade students? Though, you need to evaluate the work of the student before making the final result.

Likewise, it would help if you communicated with the students and other teachers in the school before deciding your grading criteria. There will be significant progress in the result of students when they know their grading method.

To motivate the students, you have to help them to improve their learning of lessons. Additionally, you have to organize the method of teaching a lesson.

Below we’ll tell what is the best way to grade students?

What Is The Best Way To Grade Students? – Criteria of Assessment

The best way to grade students effectively is by different marking methods for essays, reports, exams, and quiz. The instructor should monitor students’ maximum capacity to gain marks and then set the criteria for marking.

You must decide which thing is most crucial for you to fix a criterion of grading the students.

  • Clarity?
  • Creativity?
  • Thoroughness?
  • General knowledge?

Now you can divide the above-given characteristics into grades. You can decide from A to D, and beyond D would be unacceptable for you.

  • A – Excellent
  • B – Good
  • C – Fair
  • D – Average
  • Beyond D – Below Average

Certain Criteria Help You To Make The Result Of Students

Fixing certain criteria will help you with the following things:

  • You can save time while assessing the grades
  • The marking process will be fair
  • Better communication and feedback from students
  • Helps you to develop a better methodology of teaching
  • Assist the students with your grading method.

Use Easy Grader

Wondering what is the best way to grade students? Simple solution, use easy grader!

An easy grader is an application that you can download on iOS and Android devices. Besides that, an easy grader will save you time, and it is convenient to use. You can use easy grader to calculate the marks of various subjects at a time.

Additionally, the easy grader will help you calculating grades in a few seconds. Although, several other grade calculators online aren’t accurate. In addition, the easy grade app is simple to use. You have to add the subjects and grades so it can automatically calculate the results.

The easy grader is one of the easiest apps that you can use for calculating the results. In fact, you can press the reset button on the application to calculate the marks of other students.

Positive Feedback Of Marking From Students

The right method of grading will provide positive feedback from students. Besides, students will focus on learning. The teaching method will be effective when it is simple. Students can work on their mistakes when they can conveniently talk with their instructors.

How To Make The Grading Efficient?

You can make the grading efficient by making clear goals to assess the student’s assignments and exams. In fact, students should understand which is the best way to enhance their grades. Discuss the grading method with the students.

Suppose you are teaching multiple sections of one class. Try to analyze the students with different grading strategies of teachers. You can choose the grading techniques different from one assignment to another.

Furthermore, you have to reduce the negative marking. You can also try to reduce or give positive comments to those students who have very low grades. we have grading tips for new teachers. Spend extra time on the low-grade students so they can improve their grades.

Make specific grades for every assignment and then stick to that marking method.

4 Efficient Ways Of Grading

1.    Less Strict Methods Of Grading

While grading, you have to consider that all students don’t need an equal level of attention. Besides that, you have to pay some extra attention to some students. Do not reduce the marks of low-grade students with negative marking from the other activities in school.

Additionally, you have to motivate the students, so they are motivated to complete the daily assignments. On the other hand, you have to focus on the students’ smaller tasks and give them bonus points.

2.    MCQ’s – Multiple Choice Questions

Most of the students do not have the natural ability to attempt the long question answers. So you have to change the method of making assignments. Above all, you can choose multiple-choice questions. Besides that, the teacher will save time while checking the MCQ’s.

Therefore, you have to give very specific questions in MCQ’s. More than that, you have to prepare the students before assigning them with the multiple-choice questions.

3.    Corrections In The Tests

While checking the tests of the students, you need to teach students about their mistakes. On the other hand, you will improve students’ tests when they have a proper understanding of your teaching method.

4.    Spread Sheets

Use the spreadsheets of excel to keep a record of the students. The spreadsheets of excel will make your calculations easier. In addition, the grading method should be easy to understand.

How To Get The Meaningful Feedback From Your Students?

You can have meaningful feedback from your students when you can justify the grading techniques. Besides that, you have to focus on the marks of the students for the next term.

  1. Present the results with the remarks and assign the tasks according to the capacity of students.
  2. Write the strengths and weak points of the students.
  3. Do not over comment on the work of the students.
  4. Appreciation is necessary to enhance the hard work of students.
  5. You can mention the final comments on the result card of the students.

How To Maintain The Grading For Multiple Section Of Courses?

You can easily maintain the grading for multiple sections of courses by the following techniques:

  • You can discuss the grading methods with the students. It is vital to inform the students about their method of grading. For instance, you have to fix one criterion for the whole class or one semester, so there is not any biasness.
  • Other than that, you have to ask which method of teaching is convenient for the students. A student must know which is the best way to improve the grades and teaching method.
  • Best of all, the students will progress once they know which method is easy for them to adopt.
  • Furthermore, you have to encourage the students to increase their learning and reading capacity. Give a bonus to the students when they perform better in class.
  • On top of that, the grading method should use the group method of grading to boost students’ confidence.
  • To avoid the teachers’ grading method and student work, you can use the easy grader’s simple method.

How To Minimize The Complaints Of Students About Your Grading Method?

You can change the method of grading to reduce the complaints of students. Additionally, all the grading policies are different from each other. Moreover, the syllabus shouldn’t overburden the students.

If you feel the grading method is very strict, try to reduce the strict marking. You shouldn’t use any policies that deduct extra marks, including the late submission. On the other side, you can communicate with students to increase their studying time.

Above all, you will have impressive results when the students know the grading policies. Try to communicate with the students and make them aware of the grading methods. So if you want to know the best way to grade students, use the easy grader technique.

On the other side, you have to fix the criteria for deducting the marks of students. Additionally, you have to reduce the strict marking when assessing students’ behavior in extra-curricular activities.

More than that, you have to reduce the grade checking method to the minimum level, so the students are motivated to complete their work on time. Also, write comments on student papers.

Why Is Grading Difficult For Teachers?

Grading is difficult for the teachers because every student has a different mind. Other than that, the strict grading technique will always provide negative feedback from the students. Therefore, do not become too rigid while marking the results.

Likewise, the grading is difficult because you have to monitor every student and then fix the criteria. Most students don’t get satisfied with the results when they don’t know the grading technique. Also, some of the teachers focus on improving students’ grades so they can focus on learning.

Lenient grading methods will decrease the anxiety of students while attempting the exams or quizzes.

To Sum Up

Now that you know, what is the best way to grade students? You can easily calculate the grades of several students. We recommend using easy grader because it is an efficient method to calculate the marks of students.

Thank you for reading. Comment below which method do you use to calculate the grades of students.