15 ways to make EFL exam tasks fun

December 1, 2021 by Heema

Making a challenging environment between students is the best way to give a student a correct and proper answer. Writing those questions is also a great way to make a good concept of a student about the examiner. Here are 15 ways to make EFL exam tasks fun and easy.

What Are the 15 Ways to Make EFL Exam Tasks Fun and Lessen the Students Problems

  1. Make A Challenging Situation

A straightforward way to prepare a student for giving a correct answer is to write questions by their classmates. Writing these questions is also the right decision for students to understand how the examiner thinks and what type of tricky questions can be, and how to solve these types of tough questions. It is a straightforward way of making a concept.

  1. Remind It Orally

When you have finished your task, you should give some chance to the student that they repeat it orally, or revise frequently. Just for example what were the missing words, as well as more practice and learning, make an excellent concept in students’ brains related to the exam. This activity is very beneficial and good for new students. It can accelerate memory efficiency. You can also make the challenging tasks and questions for them compared to letting them read from the page.

  1. The Time Limit

Time limitation is also significant for students. The practice of performing exams in a limited time makes them more confident to give a good exam. This practice also helps to boost their speed process and make their concepts clear and transparent. The more limited time you provide them in mock exams the better they can perform in finals.

  1. Team Work

Make the pair of students it would be better for the best learning of every individual. A team can accelerate the understanding and students can easily learn what they want to understand. This way also saves the time of both teacher and student. The team makes cooperation between students and they can quickly get the points.  

  1. Movement

It is a little bit difficult to make a concept of movement because they know they would be in a sitting position in the classroom, but it is essential to accelerate the concentration powers. Other tasks like  titles can be done in a standing position. Writing the titles below the envelope, writing the words on classroom walls are also a memorizing way. Most exam tasks take the form of dictation.

  1. Original Communication

It is an excellent element for making motivation and memory that mostly non-exam textbooks don’t have, and most exam classes have missed it. Let the students communicate with each other related to exam preparation and some secret tips that help them make the concept in writing and prepare them for the exam. Also, you can better focus on your packings once you get to know them. All in all, it is the most interesting yet useful way to succeed in exams.

  1. Memory Games 

Memory games provide a very entertaining way to learn new tactics that can boost your mind functionality. Also, these games help you learn the exam content faster and in an efficient way.  For example, write a cloze text on board without gape and erase the word unless students can not remember what it was. In the end, do the real cloze task.

  1. Take Help From Warmers

Students can get confused and face the problematic situations before the class of exam; difficult exams can confuse any confident student. So in this situation, warmers can make the mind relaxed and give such outstanding skills, just like what kind of your body language should be in the exam and how you should confidently read in the exam. This way is more accessible and best for students rather than getting tired at the beginning of the class.

  1. Memorize Content Using Video

The video can make any listening task easy, such as the Mr. Bean Toeic part one. Other than that, you can also use incorrect sentences. After doing the correction, you can listen to the voice and check what you did.

  1.  Enjoy Learning With Songs

You can also take the help of songs like challenging listening comprehension, or you can also choose the language task like open cloze, correction of wrong words, and sentence transformation. This way also makes the exam more manageable and more concept-able.

  1. Entertain Yourself With Jokes

Make some jokes to make the exam easier. Label every mark with its original name like ‘Knock knock,’ ‘Doctor Jokes.’ It is straightforward to match the paragraphs and to head tasks in the IELTS reading test. Add some different types of activities like reasons, sentence formation and rearrange the words. Always make the right and simple understanding points for students which would help them in the exam. Make those types of jokes which can provide them a good idea and way of succeeding.

  1. Add Quotes

It is also the best way to make a good concept for a student. Tell them a famous quote related to their study; this helps them read, like matching up the sentences. Identification of words and which word should be there in place of it and you can make the language task such as open cloze, sentence correction, and wrong words also. Students might be already familiar with quotations; maybe they have already listened to these quotes from a native speaker. Quotes make sense related to any paragraph and heading you want and make the concept for students related to the exam.

  1. Perform The Same Task Again

This way is more beneficial and best for making a good concept. What should you do? Repeat the task that you have performed for your students since last week. When a person repeats one activity again and again it gives a good effect to the memory. When we remember one thing, again and again, this is the best way of keeping it safe in mind. You should perform other tasks with your student and change your tasks if the students get bored of repeating one task. Students can easily absorb these types of activities and give the best results.

  1. Add Multiple Choice Questions

No matter what the exam format is about, practicing your written examination in multiple choice questions is an excellent way to get a grip on them. Multiple choice questions allow you to focus on your questions in a better way and enable you to think in a great way.

  1. Utilize the Same Text For Different Purposes

You can use the same text for learning comprehension, grammer, and vocabulary exams. Also, you can use the reading task for writing purposes and vice versa. This will add challenge to your learning process and will make you more competent and skillful.


Acing the EFL exams can become possible by preparing yourself in a fun way. Hopefully, these tips would help you make EFL exams a bit of an easier and fun loving task. So, follow these tips and lessen the problems that might hinder your learning process.

Good wishes from our side!

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