Substitute Teacher Form- A Paper for Assessment and Evaluation

November 30, 2021 by Heema

After listening to the word substitute teacher form, the first question that can pop into your mind is who the substitute teacher is? So, here is the answer to this question. The substitute teacher is a replacement teacher who teaches the students in the absence of their actual teacher.

When the teacher of a class is absent, he takes hold of that class. For that time, the substitute teaches and takes care of that class in the absence of their daily teacher. Now you probably think that do people really do a job of substitute teachers? But I am sure that it will blow your mind that according to a study of 2018, about 500,000 people work as substitute teachers in the U.S. So, it’s not bad for you. Right?

There are two types of substitute teachers:

  • Short-term substitute teacher
  • Long-term substitute teacher

Qualities of a Substitute Teacher

So let’s talk about the qualities a substitute teacher should have:


Most of the substitute teachers are not just working for money; they are actually working for passion. They are very excited to deliver their knowledge and to make a growth in the students.

Interpersonal Skills

It’s not hard to understand that if you are working in an institute, you will interact with a lot of people daily. So, if you have good interpersonal skills, you can communicate and connect with them more efficiently. You can deliver your message more clearly that anyone can easily understand.


As you know, a substitute teacher may be for a long time or just one day. But, it’s true that for students it will be a significant change. So, you have to be an effective teacher and leader for students to help them continue their educational and personality growth. For this, he needs ample stamina.


A substitute teacher will interact with a lot of new people and students, so to interact with them appropriately, he needs confidence. Not only for interaction, but confidence also needs to lead the students.

Sense of Humor

A substitute teacher is going to connect with students, so; it’s vital for a teacher that he should have the ability to develop a friendly environment to teach. And a teacher can easily do this with his sense of humor. And studies have revealed that a friendly environment can help reduce tension and stress and even play a significant role in increasing students’ creativity. It also allows students to ask more questions that help them to learn more.


It is a quality that every teacher should have. When a teacher cooperates, it proves very helpful for students. Because they feel the liberty to ask anything they are doubtful of, they have a great chance to learn more quickly and clearly.

These are some qualities that a teacher should have. If a substitute teacher has all of these qualities, then there is a high chance that students will enjoy their classroom time as they do with their regular time.


A substitution teacher is going to teach the future of the nation. It means that not just passion will work; the qualification is also required. And institute also demands a suitable qualification when they hire a teacher for their institute.

  • At least you must have a high school diploma for a job as a substitute teacher.
  • Most of the schools demand a bachelor’s degree.
  • Certificate


These are some requirements that the institute requires to appoint a person as a substitute teacher:

  • A bachelor’s degree is necessary
  • The person should have an excellent interpersonal skill
  • The person should have a good behavior
  • The teacher should be good with teachers
  • Substitution teacher forms

Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form

Successful substitute teachers are those who are good at showing what they have done. When they show their work, the institute gets a clear idea about their performance and the hard work that they put into their work.

For this reason, they write some types of forms. Like; day-end report form, feedback form to institute, and feedback institute for full-time teachers.

Day End Report Form

In this form, the substitute teacher makes a report of the whole day. It helps teachers as well as institutes a  lot. When you write whole-day activities, you make it easy for the institute to understand what you did in class with students. It makes the substitute teacher more productive because the summary of the whole day’s activities and achievements makes him more efficient for the next day.

Now the question which arises here is what to add in the day end report so there is an idea that what can you add in report form;

  • Who many students were present in class?
  • Is the study plan followed thoroughly?
  • What was the chatter level in class?
  • You can give your comments and suggestions.

Class Feedback Report Form To Institute

Constructive feedback of the teacher about a class is like an opportunity to make positive change. Substitute teachers spend time with students of a class; he deeply analyzes the things happening in a class and makes his opinion about the students. He can share his opinion with the higher faculty of the institute and their full-time teacher, which can help them bring a positive change by his feedback report form.

These are some things that you can add in your feedback report forms to institute and the actual teacher of the class;

  • Which students are outstanding?
  • Which students are challenging?
  • Which student has difficulty with which subject?
  • What is the behavior of class?
  • And many other things like these points.

So, by making report forms, a substitute teacher can help the school take some measures to improve the class.

Bringing it all together

A substitute teacher feedback form can help institutes make decisions about substitute teachers whether they should be promoted or not. Moreover, teachers can also use a kind of firm for students’ evaluation and assessment to know their progress. It comes in many types depending upon the purpose for which you want to use it.

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