7 Grading Tips For New Teachers To Make Grading At Ease

September 21, 2021 by Heema

Here we have the 7 grading tips for new teachers to make grading at ease and effective. Most of the new teachers are confused about choosing the grading technique. Additionally, the grading method should be similar for all the subjects as you can save time while making the results. 

Indeed, grading is not easy for all teachers because they have to monitor the home tasks, assignments, and class participation as well. So if you have just joined the teaching profession, we have the 7 best tips for new teachers in our guide.

7 Grading Tips For New Teachers That Are Effective

While teaching the higher grades, you can take feedback from students after the 1st term. On top of that, you need to take feedback from the parents while teaching the elementary classes. 

You will also know some modern and effective grading strategies for teachers at the end of the guide, so keep scrolling!

1- Do Not Use Strict Grading Method

You shouldn’t use the strictest methods of grading a student. For instance, some of the teachers include many methodologies, but it isn’t right at all. You can skip some of the extra-curricular activities while grading any student. 

Moreover, it would help if you encouraged the students to participate in activities. However, as a teacher, you should not demotivate a student for not participating in sports activities. Make a grade book of every student so they can work on the negative points. 

You can assess every student from multiple assignments and give them credit if they perform better than your expectations.

2- Implement The Feedback From Students

You should fix a time to write the comment on the assignments of students. Besides, the feedback should be positive and motivating, even if the performance is not the best. Apart from that, you should not give your comments on every task.

Giving feedback will be great for the students, but it is time-consuming. If you are teaching more than one section, you cannot comment on every assignment. Thus, you can choose one section for commenting and pick the other section next time.

3- Be Innovative – Ask Students To Grade Others

Are you teaching classes above 5? you can use this innovative method then. Ask the students to grade the other students. By using this innovative method, you can easily utilize time for doing other tasks in the class.

Likewise, you have to fix the time for grading the students. Ensure that the students don’t panic and give feedback accurately. So if you feel that students will wisely give remarks to other students, then grade others.

4- Use Modern Technology

Indeed, technology is continuously making our lives easier. Therefore, you can use modern applications to finalize the results of students. For instance, you can use the google forms, spreadsheets, and Kahoot for grading the students. 

But wait, let us tell you something!

Now grading applications are available, and you can download them on the phone to easily calculate the result. Use easy grader for grading the students. 

Other than that, if you are an English teacher, then use the famous grammar checking applications. For instance, you can Grammarly for checking the essays in less time.

5- Do Not Assign A Lot Of Home Tasks

You have to assign a limited number of tasks, and they should be meaningful. The students will progress when they know how to complete the assignment properly. In addition to this, you have to guide the students about the home task to gain some interest.

If you are assigning tons of tasks to the students, it will increase the anxiety about it. All students might not be able to complete the work or end up making careless mistakes. 

Hence, if you think that a specific assignment will increase students’ knowledge or they can do it easily, only then should you assign it.

6- Rubrics Tool – The Rulebook

You can use the rubric tool for grading students. Ask the students that have completed the previous assignments? If they answer, yes! You can assign the next one. Keep the class mentally present while you are teaching them.

Likewise, you can give the students an introduction about the assignment to do it with proper knowledge. Besides, you will have progress in students’ results when they are familiar with their assigned tasks.

Rubrics will make a student aware of the results from their assignments and help them to progress.

7- Grade Wisely

You can keep an eye on the students and grade them when participating in the classroom activities. Furthermore, you can assess your students’ class participation and give them extra points to boost their confidence.

More than that, you have to grade the students wisely. On the other hand, you have to engage the students in creative activities when they are free in class. You should give directions to the students to work on the mistakes and don’t repeat them afterward.

These were the 7 grading tips for new teachers.

 Is Grading Tough?

Yes, grading is tough for all teachers. In addition, grading is not easy when you are teaching multiple sections. Grading is a time taking, and you have to evaluate the results carefully and you must be looking forward for a faster method of grading students . 

No doubt, the technology made grading system easier, and there are several apps for grading in less time. You can grade the students according to their overall performance in class and exams. 

Now that you know the 7 grading tips for new teachers, we’ll tell you other tips to maintain students’ grades.

5 Tips To Calculate and Maintain the Grades Of Students 

There are tip 5 tips to maintain a teacher grade book and averaging methodology of grades.

Do Not Give Percentages – Give Grades

Giving percentages is a common method, but you have to try an innovative method of grading. Besides, the effective grading practices method will save you time. Moreover, you can fix the criteria of grades. Use A grade for above 85 percent, B grade for 75, C grade for below 75 percent, and D for below 60 percent.

Best of all, you can save time while grading the students. Other than that, the grading period will be easier than percentages. Additionally, you can use the grading technique for checking a huge pile of exams and quiz in less time. 

Percentages are confusing, but the grades are precise and convenient to understand. In addition, the grading method for teachers will make you less stressed while assessing the student’s exams.

On the other side, you will be able to explain to the students the grading method easily. Moreover, the grading method is convenient, but it is not ideal for elementary classes.  

Try Giving Weighted Grades

You should use the weighted grades, and the criteria for assessing the students shouldn’t be strict. It would help if you lowered the homework percentage up to 25 percent, but the exam percentage should be 50 percent. Besides that, the other leftover marks should be for class participation.

Simplify The Assignments

The assignments should be simple, and you have to give remarks so the students can improve. Besides that, you monitor the class participation of students while making the final result card. Additionally, you have to give bonuses to the students, so they remain motivated to work hard. 

Other than that, you have to use the same criteria for marking the other exams’ other subjects. Therefore, your students will know that every test has a similar grading methodology. 

It will be easier for the instructor and teacher to grade when the grading method is the same for all subjects. On the other side, you can give all subjects results through one easy grader method.

Use Digital Grade Book

Several teachers hesitate to use the digital grade book, but there wouldn’t be an issue once you know how to use it properly. Best of all, the digital grade book will help you to make the results of several students easily. 

And the good news? You will be able to prepare results in less time. Additionally, you will have a record of the students. Apart from that, you will be able to tell the average marking of students with the digital grade book.

Use Easy Grader App

You can use the easy grader application for calculating the grades of students. The calculation method on the ear grader is very simple. The easy grader will ask the total number of questions in the exam and the attempted questions. 

Additionally, you can press the reset button for calculating the grades of other students. Besides that, you can download the easy grader application from the app store or play store on your smartphone. With the easy grader app, you will have quick and accurate results.

That’s all for our guide of the 7 grading tips for new teachers. Thank you for visiting us!