Brief Description About Google Classroom Tips & Features

October 6, 2021 by Heema

Google classrooms have been famous for many years. But with the outbreak of Covid and confinement of students and teachers at home have directed the attention of teachers and students towards online learning.

During the pandemic teachers and students are finding ways to make online learning a bit easier.  Since Google classrooms are in trend, you will be sure to know the Google Classroom Tips for better learning and getting an amazing amazing experience. Right? So, stay tuned with us.

Students can submit work via Google Classroom, teachers can mark, and the program sends graded papers back to students. This system enables digital learning to be implemented in classrooms as well as reducing paper usage. It enhances efficiency and communication between teachers and students; this program was initially intended for schools to use laptops, such as Chromebooks.

Google Classroom tips are helpful for the class. The teachers are implementing paperless instruction as quickly as possible as more schools migrate to online learning. Besides you can use Google Hangouts, Meet, Sheets, Slides, and Sites to meet face-to-face for teaching or ask questions.

Essential Tips For Google Classrooms

Some important Google Classroom tips are described below that can help you learn in a unique way and boost your learning interest.

Real Profile Picture & Name

Using a name and picture that cannot connect definitively to who you are online makes sense not sometimes but always. Classrooms don’t provide this kind of environment.

Choose a picture of yourself. Also, you can opt for a picture that reflects your personality. And don’t forget to use your real name or nickname. By doing this, you can make your character more personal to your instructor and your classmates.

Personalized Folders

Google Classroom creates a folder in Google Drive for every student who joins a class. This folder can be renamed, and the colors can change. Additionally, it is possible to flag folders with active usage by color-coding them.

By doing so, when you open Google Drive, your eye is drawn to them immediately, allowing you to start learning as soon as possible. Additionally, you can make those folders grey, according to the situation of course completion.

Completing Assignments With Google Apps

You can use Google Docs and Sheets for completing assignments, and using this app is a good idea. Working in Google Apps eliminates the need for exporting and uploading files. Google Apps and Classroom provide choices for sharing the file.

Assignment Submitting and Unsubmitting Process

Your assignment becomes the instructor’s when you submit it. The work can be unsubmitted, fixed, and then resubmitted. It is possible to raise the wrong file or realize you sent it inadvertently and made a mistake.

When you wish to unsubmit an assignment, click Unsubmit in the top right corner of the project you want to unsubmit. You should unsubmit your article as soon as possible after submitting it to avoid any problems.

Originality Reports Beware

There are several features available only to instructors who use Google Classroom. Originality Reports are among them. A teacher who uses the tool will help examine student assignments to see if they contain any manuscripts from another source.

 When citing your sources, make sure to take care to use proper citation styles. Furthermore, teachers can check their work for plagiarism using an automated tool.

Notifications Customization

Default settings are the settings you choose for your Google Classroom enrollment. Quite a few notifications will be sent to you. To customize your messages, you should disable emails or other notices that you do not want.

Class Descriptions Is Important

The About section of Google Classroom is a great place to share essential resources when teachers set up their Google Classroom accounts.

The Grade Report

However, finding your grades and comments about assignments in Google Classroom can be disconcerting, as it is not as intuitive as it is with many other apps. View your work by going to Classwork.

Returns with grades can be selected from the list of options. Any comments adding steps to your steps is what the teacher wants.


If you want to remove a class from your Google account after it ends, unenroll from it. Unenrolling too soon is not a problem if you make a mistake. As you submit assignments and make comments, none of your work disappears from the class.

All you will notice is that you are no longer able to see the classroom. In this case, you may reapply for the course.

How Google Classroom Work

Teachers can log in with their Google accounts. Also, students can add classes, tasks, quizzes, and notices. Join a class, complete assignments, and evaluate them as a student. The code for each class is different. Put as many or as few due dates and deadlines as you like, including Google drive or upload files, insert YouTube videos and links, and assign the tasks to all selected students.

It allows students to respond to each other and edit their answers when they receive assignments that refer to a topic, including multiple-choice questions and contain comments. By adding names or emails to an email list, teachers can invite other coworkers to join a class. The interface can be customized with pictures, the user interface, and backgrounds images; students can email, standards can hand out, CVS exports, and Google Sheets copies can be exported.

Features Of Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom handles class management.
  • No need to replace Blackboard 
  • This process is a paperless process that’s instantly easy.
  • Assignment creation, management, and grading
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  • Parental guidance and students
  • Mobile phones, computers, and tablets can all access the device.


In the Work section, both students and teachers can find resources. Assignments awaiting review show for teachers, and incomplete and finished assignments show for students. Provide points for jobs or return them to students. A Google effort is hard to beat when integrating multiple Inventions, which explains its popularity when making robust apps.

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